Keep It 100 – Mazzy Star “Fade Into You”

Keep It 100 – Mazzy Star “Fade Into You”
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Every Friday morning around 9:00 am Kevin, Allie & Jensen invite you to text in any song request from a KROQ band past or present to 1-800-520-1067. Texter number 100 gets their song played and you'll even introduce it on the air.

Sunday, March 8th is International Women’s Day, and we’ve been celebrating all day by playing songs by female artists, and female-fronted acts. So in keeping with this theme, we’re going to play a Keep It 100 song with a female artist as well. Today texter 100 was Angel from Santa Fe Springs. Angel might go see The Invisible Woman movie this weekend. Maybe Angel’s got International Women’s Day on his mind because the correct movie name is The Invisible Man. Angel’s song request was Mazzy Star, “Fade Into You.”

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