The Kevin & Bean Show: Favorite TV Show of 2019

The Kevin & Bean Show: Favorite TV Show of 2019
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We absolutely love, love, love television shows. We have actors and actresses on the show to talk about their new television projects and we love it when we get the chance to talk to them on the phone or when they come into the studio. With all the different ways to watch TV shows lately, we also know that there is too much TV! So much so that it becomes hard to keep up with everything good on TV. So, if you’re looking for recommendations on what to binge-watch next, or if you’ve been meaning to watch something and just haven’t gotten around to it yet. We’d like to offer a few suggestions.

Here is the list for are our TV Shows of 2018.

Kevin: Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan

Allie and Christine: Watchmen

Jensen: Los Espookys

Dave: The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2

Omar: Perfect Strangers

Beer Mug: The Mandalorian

Ruben: The Boys

Destiny: Stranger Things