24kGoldn's "Mood" with Iann Dior Is a Party with a Purpose


24kGoldn just got his first number 1 Hot Rock & Alternative Song on Billboard with his track 'Mood' in collaboration with Iann Dior

Today, Golden and Megan Holiday got to talking about growing up in San Francisco, where the best spot to get a carne asada burrito in The Bay is, studying business at USC, and eventually taking a leave of absence to pursue his music career.

Coming to us over video chat from the passenger seat of his ride, Golden was excited about Megan's choice of lip color, but when asked his favorite color he was quick to say that is "one of the hardest questions" of his entire life. "It be changing with my mood," he says. "No pun intended!"

Golden's new single with Iann Dior has been getting spins not only on the station but on repeat in Megan's head -- a telltale sign of a hit, according to him. "That's a good sign," he says with a smile. "That makes me really happy to hear... I got free real estate in your head right now!"

Regarding the recording session with Dior, Golden admits it was one of the most fun experiences he's had, "just because how organic it was, how naturally it came. We were all just chillin' at his house playing Call of Duty, just doing what kids do and I got a hit off of it. It doesn't get better than that."

One of the main messages of the song is to not play the victim in your life, which could be easily be applied to relationships. 

"I think a big reason why this song is doing what it's doing is because, yes, it's a fun song you could drive around with your friends; you could party to it. But it hits people in the heart too," says Golden. "It's talking about the struggles of love. You know, the ups and downs, the swings of the mood. So I'm glad people are relating in that aspect, too."

Watch the full interview above as the two Cali-dwellers get into some of their favorite West Coast spots, and be sure to join RADIO.COM on Tuesday, September 29 as we dive even deeper with 24kGoldn in our next RADIO.COM Live Check In at 3PM ET / 12PM PT on Facebook and Twitter.

24kGoldn's Dropped Outta College EP is out now.