Stryker & Klein Mornings Take on the Spice Lord, Hot Ones Host Sean Evans

Hot Ones Host, Sean Evans
Photo credit Los Angeles Times

If you have not heard of Hot Ones, please do yourself a favor and go look it up on YouTube. Host, Sean Evans is slowly becoming a household name as he not only asks some of the best questions as an interviewer but tackles some of the world's hottest chicken wings while doing it.

Sean Evans joined Stryker and Klein Mornings to talk about the hit YouTube show and Hot Ones: The Game Show on TruTV. In true Spice Lords fashion, Klein came up with the genius idea to eat spoonfuls of some random spicy sauces they found around the KROQ studios before anyone could ask a question. Ranging from Del Taco's Del Scorcho to wasabi we found in the fridge, the crew defintely felt the heat.

Listen below for the full interview.

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