Finneas Talks Touring and Songwriting Process, Performs Three Songs


Finneas O'Connell, better known by his mononymous stage name Finneas, stopped by the KROQ studios to chat with Stryker about new music, touring, and his different approaches to songwriting. 

Finneas has had a pretty busy year - not only has he been on tour with sister Billie Eilish all around the world, but he's also released an EP of solo material. 

"The brunt of all the stuff that I've put out has been on tour. Recorded on tour, written on tour," Finneas answered when asked about when and where he gets to work on his music. "It's a little bit of a hectic way to make music, but I like it." 


The GRAMMY-nominated producer doesn't consider his drive to create anything out of the ordinary. "It's all stuff I would be doing for fun and for free," he said, adding that writing music for him is just "doing stuff that you're passionate about."


With the two siblings being so musically inclinded, Stryker had to ask what came first: the instruments in the house or the desire to make music?

"The instruments were first which is pretty awesome," Finneas mused, recalling how great it was growing up with pianos, keyboards, and guitars throughout the house and having supportive parents to encourage his musical dreams.


When it comes to songwriting and producing music for other artists, he attributes his ability to create with others to his ability to empathize.

"As a co-writer and a producer working with other people, you have to just channel a lot of empathy," Finneas spoke about how he approaches writing with other artists, noting that the benefit of his co-writing relationship with sister Billie is that they've known each other their whole lives. "There's no history that we don't know."

Stryker and Finneas closed out the interview with a mutual expression of admiration, and Finneas doing a great impression of Arctic Monkey's lead singer Alex Turner.

Finneas' debut EP Blood Harmony is available everywhere now.