Shark Attack Survivor Nick Wapner Chats with Stryker and Klein

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Photo credit Dreamstime

Stryker and Klein chatted with 19-year old Nick Wapner, the survivor of a recent shark attack in Central California that left him with 50 stitches in his leg.

Wapner, a native of Los Angeles and currently a student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, was surfing with friends at Montana de Oro State Park last week when a 15-foot great white shark bit his leg.


 "I had just gotten a wave. I paddled out and I was waiting for one. I kinda saw one so I was just laying on my board getting ready, and then that's when it happened. I ended up getting thrown airborne basically, my feet when up in the air and I was like 'What the hell is going on?'" says Wapner. "When I turned around it was backing off. It had both of my legs kind of pinned in its mouth and to my board."

"It realized it wasn't a seal when it got a mouthful of fiberglass and foam so it kind of backed off. I gave him a couple of kicks and I was like 'I need to get on to the beach.' I kicked him and kicked off of it, and was able to get momentum into a wave that was coming. I paddled into it and it put me right on the beach." 

Fortunately, Wagner had friends nearby who drove him to the hospital and he's expected to make a full recovery.