Man Asks Brother With Down Syndrome to Be His Best Man in Surprising, Heartwarming Video


A man organized a special surprise for his brother, who has Down syndrome.

The New York Post reported that a Minnesota man named Will Claussen came up with a creative way to ask his brother Henry Joe to be his best man.

On August 15, Claussen put a note inside a glass jar buried in the backyard in Hackensack, Minnesota.

Will’s fiancé, AJ Johns, filmed the moment Henry Joe started digging and found the bottle.

In the video, Henry Joe found a jar and began to read the note.

“You’re already the best bro, and also the best friend, so will you say yes and be my best man? Love, Will,” Henry Joe said as he read the note out loud.

The moment reached its emotional peak when Henry Joe gave his brother an answer.

“Yes!” he said before giving Will a big hug.

Caters Clips posted the adorable moment on its official YouTube page, where it has gained over 16,000 views.

Many people commented on the clip with supportive and positive messages.

One user commented, “This is love. I love this so much. Thank you for sharing such a touching moment. Will, I wish I could shake your hand and hang with you guys because that’s what love is all about. Please keep us posted.”

Others were happy to see the tear-jerking moment.

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