Mike Shinoda apologizes for a classic Linkin Park video: 'I don't know what we were doing'

Plaid pants, dragonflies and pulsating cocoons make for a confusing music video

Linkin Park continues celebrating the 20th anniversary of their debut album Hybrid Theory, examining the impact each song has left on their careers and the music world.

During an interview with Kerrang!, band co-founder Mike Shinoda got pretty candid about the album’s opening track “Papercut.” More specifically, his thoughts on the music video. “If you watch the video, I’m sorry, I don’t know what we were doing,” he joked with the publication.

If you haven’t seen the music video, it’s worth a watch. The band enters a plush room decorated with a mix of neo-gothic statues and midcentury modern furniture. The camera shifts past the drywall to reveal a putrid bathroom complete with muddy appliances, dark lights and mysterious cocoons pulsating with life.

While band members jam out to the rhythm it’s difficult to concentrate on anything but Chester Bennington’s outfit. “I remember Chester showing up in all-plaid, a whole plaid outfit on, and I was thinking ‘That’s a very weird choice,’” Shinoda recounts. He’s not wrong.

It looks like Avril Lavigne outfitted him and The Clash provided a red Mohawk. Throw in a pair of goofy glasses and you’ve got yourself a punk rock librarian.

“The special effects are goofy,” Shinoda says. “It’s not a terrible video, I think we’ve made worse, but when I watch it now, I look like a f***ing idiot and I don’t know what’s going on.”

Linkin Park continues promoting the release of a collectible Hybrid Theory box set, expected to drop this week. They will also livestream previously unseen concert footage from their 2002 Projekt Revolution tour closer, recorded in Las Vegas. Fans can expect to hear tracks from the album, some classic singles, a cover of Deftones’ “My Own Summer,” and special guest performances.

Band members will also will also host a Q&A session. It’s the group’s first joint interview since Bennington’s death back in 2017.

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