Gov. Newsom comes to LA to tout opening of nation's largest COVID-19 vaccination center


Gov. Gavin Newsom comes to LA to tout the opening of the nation's largest COVID-19 vaccination center and says the state's rollout of shots should start speeding up.

So far, only about a third of the more than 3 million doses sent to California have been administered.

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti says the just-opened mass vaccination site at Dodger Stadium should be up to full capacity by next week and able to do at least 12,000 shots a day.

The county's getting ready to open additional super sites that will be able to administer a total of about 20,000 shots a day.

The question is will there be enough doses to keep up with demand?

"The short answer is I don't know. I hope so and I spoke with Dr. Ferrer last night and right now we think we can hold onto that. But the result of that has been, I know, some pharmacies that the county had hoped to disperse more vaccines to have to wait a week because the national supply simply isn't coming. It's not a problem with the state, it's not a problem here locally we simply don't have the supply coming in. With those five sites, each one of the supervisorial districts and this, we can sustain both those in coming weeks for sure," Garcetti says.

States were expecting a boost in supply after the Trump administration announced it would be releasing second doses held in reserve but The Washington Post reports there is no reserve.

Newsom says he and other governors are "disappointed."

"Already all of us are working closely with the incoming administration in hope and expectation we get some clarification in the absence of any further clarification by the current administration. As soon as know we will be able to communicate that more fully to members of the public," Newsom says.

Newsom adds he's determined through California's vaccine backlog "as quickly and efficiently as possible."