Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea Reveals His Favorite New Artist

Who has the outsider spirit in the next generation

Alternative has taken on so many shapes, sounds, and sensibilities since the term first started getting thrown around 30 plus years ago. Because of this, it also boasts some of the most eclectic alumni of any genre in popular music.

So, when Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers stopped by to chat his new book, I was eager to get his thoughts if there were any artists today that he particularly enjoyed. He and his two hats were quick to cite Thundercat.

"Whenever I see any young person dedicating themselves to art and really having the diligence to give their whole spirit into it," he says of what excites him in today's music. "So many people. We were touring on our last record with this guy Thundercat who's just an amazing musician."

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"The way that he fostered all that talent and turned it into this incredible ability to make music, it comes from being apart," Flea explains, praising the "Them Changes" musician. "You have to go your own way to be an artist. To express your true self it means really being willing to, not doing what everybody else is doing."

You can check out more of what Flea had to say above, and here him talk here about his new memoir Acid for the Children.