The roadies behind Linkin Park and Slipknot are ready to step into the spotlight

A band of roadies are stepping beyond the curtains to center stage

If a mass of roadies form a super group, who sets up their equipment? It’s just one challenge members of Knifes will face on their journey to rock n’ roll stardom.

Roadies from iconic groups like Slipknot, Linkin Park, Deftones, Fall Out Boy and Guns N’ Roses have joined forces to rock under the band name “Knifes.”

Their genesis was authored by Ben Young, who tells BBC News he was called in, at the last minute, to play guitar with Linkin Park while working as a roadie for the band. "It's weird because, as a roadie, you've been on the stage before - but the actual experience is so different because you're concentrating so hard on which part of the song comes next,” he said.

Ben enjoyed the experience and recruited fellow Linkin roadie Warren Johnson to form Knifes. It was the perfect environment for the artists to discover a new sound. "We were working with Linkin Park while they recorded 'One More Light' and they had this room set up with like three different drum sets," Johnson said.

"They left it set up that way for like two weeks and they weren't using it the whole time, so we snuck in one day and recorded our first five songs."

Before COVID-19 changed the landscape of live music, band members still worked on tour. Ben hopes once concert restrictions are lifted, Knifes can start spreading their wings on stage. "I try to underplay what our goals are for this because, like, I'm a just a roadie, but secretly of course we'd love to be bigger than the bands we work for,” he tells BBC News.

The group continues practicing and are currently working on their debut album Proof of Concept, due out October 2.

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