'Considerate' thieves redirect traffic with cones before blowing up ATM and stealing cash

By 98.7 KLUV

While we do not condone these fellas in Philadelphia for their actions, we can still appreciate their concern or the safety of the general public.

A pair of thieves in Philadelphia approached an ATM one night with the intent of scoring some quick cash. And that they did, after a quick explosion exposed the innards of the Wells Fargo machine, 6ABC reports.

Before the blew the machine up, however, the thieves made sure to take the time to set up cones around the general area, in order to redirect traffic and prevent any cars from sustaining any damage from the explosion.

And to their credit, no injuries were reported at the scene.

After the incident, officers helped to pick up several hundred dollars of cash that was left blowing around in the wind and scattered on the ground.

Police are still looking for any information regarding their identities or whereabouts, and they believe this could be connected to a string of incidents with ATMs as of late.

There is no word on whether the incidents are related or not.

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