Video captures dog walker in Runyon Canyon slamming Golden Retriever to the ground


A dog walker in Runyon Canyon is under fire after she was video recorded on a cellphone slamming a Golden Retriever pup to the ground.

Kara Brownlee told KTLA the video may look bad, but she had no intention of hurting the dog.

An experienced walker and trainer for 10 years, Brownlee says the dog was “pulling her,” and her goal was to “do a quick pop down into a down.” She explains that it flipped the dog, but didn’t’ hurt him, and he wasn’t scare of her or injured.

Since the video went viral, Brownlee says she’s been getting death threats and threatening messages and emails, but she wants everyone to know she’s not abusive to animals.

“I want people to know that it was an overcorrection. I was in no way, shape or form trying to hurt this dog,” Brownlee tells KTLA. “To think that someone thinks I’m abusing them based off of a video, it’s just awful.”

The owner of the Golden Retriever seen in the video fired Brownlee after seven years together.