Watch Jimmy Eat World Answer Questions in an Exclusive FANDEMIC Instagram Live

See Jim Adkins answers your questions and perform

Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World joined RADIO.COM for a special FANDEMIC Instagram Live, performing a song from the band’s new album, Surviving, and answering fan questions from around the world.

From favorite bands, to future plans - Jim tackled it all and played one of our favorite songs from their latest LP, "555."

"It comes in waves," Adkins says about how he's handling this time of self-isolation. "But, I've been doing a pretty good job I think of keeping in mind what I can do, and separating that from everything I can't do, and focusing on that."

The Jimmy Eat World frontman has been busy lately, performing from home and even baking bread, taking control of all of the things he can control.

Fans asked Jim about some of his favorite songs, favorite bands, and if there are any plans from the 20th anniversary of their album, Bleed American.

"I don't know, we might do something in the future when anniversaries come around for records, but the big tour kind of thing is something that's in the past for us I think. We've sort of done that," he smiled. "We might do a show, we might invite people over for cake. Maybe cupcakes for everyone because it'd be kinda tricky to get an even pieces of cake for everyone."

Over 25 years after first forming, Jimmy Eat World released their 10th studio album in October, bringing the guitars to the front and offering another bold step forward for the Alternative icons with Surviving.

“When you start it’s kind of like, what you do sort of sounds like your record collection,” Adkins told RADIO.COM last year about the band’s evolution. “You’re just going and you don’t spend a whole lot of time analyzing why you’re going, but I think as you get older, especially if you’re with the same group of people, the reward that you get changes.”

“For us, there just has to be a reason that we’re doing it. So maybe that translates into the songs feeling more personal or more honest because it’s just, that’s the only way we can do this now.”

Surviving is now available everywhere. Jimmy Eat World is set to tour this summer with The Front Bottoms. The Criminal Energy Tour kicks off in August.

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