What Are The Smashing Pumpkins Counting Down To?

A burst of new music could be on the horizon...

The Smashing Pumpkins released cryptic messages into the musical ether over the weekend, leaving fans thirsty for answers.

Posting a simple animated video on Instagram, the mystic Goth Rock group teased five countdown clocks currently running on their website. “Follow the countdown…” the post instructed. The first clock will end a little after midnight Friday, August 28. The other digital time pieces expire throughout August and September, with the final clock finishing in November.

Theories about the countdowns are flying across fan pages, many pointing to new music. Frontman Billy Corgan spent most of this year teasing the release of a double album. Back in February, he told Tennessean new music was in the works for more than a year, with 21 tracks of material.

“This is the first album since the album that came out in 2000, Machina, where me, James and Jimmy worked on something for a very long time,” he said. “The last one was kind of like, ‘let’s just jump in, record some stuff real fast, and let it be what it is.’ So I'm excited about this, because we're kind of back in the lane of taking a risk, and trying to bring something new to the table, as opposed to just aping what we're known for.”

Travel back to the distant time of February 2020. The Smashing Pumpkins posted an image of the on stage with the caption “New music from SP coming to your ears this year. Where in the world will you be listening?” Of course the group couldn’t have anticipated a global pandemic bringing the live music experience to a screeching halt. Fans will likely answer this question with a resounding “At home!”

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