Coronavirus Quarantine Tracks from Big Mic

Trev Rich
By 102.5 KSFM

Well lets face it, if you're doing like you're supposed to be doing, a lof of us are staying at home and doing your part to flatten the curve of coronavirus cases across the country.  No question one thing that helps get everyone through crazy times is the power of music.  Everybody has their favorite artists but obviously with thousands and thousands of new songs every day at your disposal it can be hard keeping up.  I just wanted to highlight a few artists around the country, some songs are new, some songs have been out a minute, but I suspect each of them you'll listen to the below songs, you'll want to look them up and listen to more of their product!  Check them out!  And feel free to hit me up with songs I should be checking out!


sectiontoo "Too Good"

Rexx Life Raj "Moonwalk"

Trev Rich "Drown"

Marmar Oso ft Yelly - Ride Or Die