San Diego County is Closing Bars, Wineries and Breweries

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By 103.7 KSON

San Diego Supervisor Nathan Fletcher announced that effective July 1st, the county will close all bars, wineries, and breweries that do not have a license to serve food. 

The county is reinstating an order that alcohol can only be consumed while customers are simultaneous eating meals and can't be ordered alone.  Anyone who does go to a bar, brewery, or winery that serves food can only consume their food and drinks while seated at a table.

Fletcher said, "Bars are purely social settings where different people and groups often mix. It's a simple reality that alcohol consumption impairs judgment and may lead to less compliance with physical distancing guidelines.  People often spend more time in a bar than other establishments like a restaurant for eating."

The county is also pausing any further business reopenings until after August 1st.