Justin Moore will have a socially distant Halloween, but not because of COVID

Justin Moore
Photo credit Photo: Michael Loccisano / Getty Images
By 103.7 KSON

How many times have we heard that "Halloween will look a little different this year," but for Justin Moore and his rural town of Poyen, Arkansas, socially distant is the norm. 

“You know, where we’re from, it’s not the typical Halloween that most kids, I guess, have anyway," he shares in a statement from his label. "We drive them around cause we don’t live in a neighborhood. We drive ‘em to the people who we know, like my aunts and uncles and my parents and, you know, our family, our pastor. 

"Usually we have a church hayride, so I’m sure it probably won’t change much for us," he continues. "We’re kind of in our own little bubble in a sense in our town, and really the surrounding communities. 

"So, I have a hard time believing Halloween for us will change that much but I feel for those out there who it will, especially the kiddos.”