Will Brantley Gilbert wear a Halloween costume this year?

Brantley Gilbert
Photo credit Photo: Getty Images Staff
By 103.7 KSON

Brantley Gilbert was never into Halloween costumes, but with a 13 month old daughter (Braylen) and almost-three year old son (Barrett), he admits that that may change. 

“My wife is big into costumes for Halloween. Bray was a tiny baby this past year, and she was a deer and he [Barrett] was a hunter. So, I can only imagine what’s gonna go down this year with costumes. 

"I’m not much of a costume guy," he continues. "I like to see everybody else do their thing and have a good time.  But, who knows?  These two little ones mean everything in the world to me, so dad may have to put on a costume before it’s over with. 

"But as of right now, I don’t plan to.”