FANDEMIC: Dad-To-Be Russell Dickerson Enjoying ‘Home Sweet’ Home Time While He Can During Lock Down

‘We would never have this much time to be so intentional with each other’

Straight from his home in Nashville, Country star Russell Dickerson joined RADIO.COM’s Katie Neal for an exclusive FANDEMIC Q&A to let fans in on his current life in quarantine, hot off the presses baby news, and of course new music on the way.

The last time we spoke with Russell, he and his wife Kailey officially announced they had their first bun in the oven. Now just a few months later, we’re just itching to know what they’re expecting.

The dad-to-be says “it really hasn’t settled in” although he’s trying to force his brain to understand the fact that he’s about go through some big changes – “but it’s hard,” he admits. It seems the nesting has already started, however, as the couple have been power-washing and painting up a storm in preparation for the arrival.

We say “the” arrival because, try as she might, Katie just couldn’t get Russell to spill on whether it’s a boy or a girl. After a series of funny faces dodging the question, Russell says the couple plan on making an announcement soon. Actually, on Monday, June 29th, he thinks. To be honest he wasn’t even wearing pants for the interview, so be sure to stay tuned to his social media accounts for the news!

In the meantime – it’s all house projects as he spends time in lock down away from the flashing lights and loud screams of his fans. ”I’ve never had this much time off the road in my entire career,” he admits. “Even when I had nothing going on, I would still keep myself busy by playing shows on the road. Now it’s just like, ‘welllll…’”

It’s that uncertainty we are all feeling in the age of COVID-19, and since Russell and Kailey recently purchased a “fixer-upper” house, the uncertainty is piling up all around them.

“Everything needed to be fixed up… we just painted the baby room and now we need new light switches, we need new doors, we need new door frames, we need to retile the bathroom. It just never ends, but I feel like we’re gonna get there. This time has been so awesome just to be home, be pregnant and just kind of hang out.”

The timing couldn’t have been better for them, newly pregnant and alone with each other – if a silver lining can be found during these times, that would be it. “Incredible,” Russell says of Kailey’s pregnancy. “We walk like four miles everyday and that’s the time where we talk about life, the day, dreams, what we want the baby room to look like, what we want to be as parents – we would never have this much time to be so intentional with each other.”

On Friday, Russell’s new single “Home Sweet” from his forthcoming album RD2, written with Charles Kelley and his producer Casey Brown will arrive. It’s one of his best, he says, “it’s right now.”

“It talks about my life right now, our life right now. I can’t wait, it’s one of my favorites on the entire album. I cry every time I listen to it, so there’s that. That’s cool!”

Be sure to watch the full interview with Russell above, including some fan questions on his grill-skills (he’s been crushing some ribs), odd pregnancy cravings (‘Uncrustables’ for the win) and even a live sampling of the new single, “Home Sweet,” arriving Friday, June 26th.

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