Watch Russell Dickerson Go All Out for This Gender Reveal

Going big for big news

Country singer Russell Dickerson and his wife, Kailey, shared some big news in April about expecting their very first child together this year. Now we finally have the baby’s gender – and we were just as blown away by Russell’s reveal as Kail’s was!

Russell and Kailey documented their trip to the doctor to find out if the adorable couple should start picking up little girl or little boy clothes – but the actual reveal was all the soon-to-be dad’s job. After the ultrasound scan, Russell was given the results in a sealed envelope and opened it while alone in the car - and the look on his face when he reads the note will give any current or future parent goosebumps for days.

Now that the secret was his to spill, he got to work preparing a room in the couple’s home with streamers, signs, and a new wardrobe of clothing for the coming bundle of joy.

As Kailey anxiously walked into the room with her eyes covered, Russell made the reveal and they both jumped around the room in utter bliss.

"As a girl raised with 5 older brothers, this is everything I ever wanted and more," Kailey wrote in a post on her personal Instagram along with a picture that perfectly shows her reaction. "I love the boys in my life so much and now I get to raise one of my own."

Kailey also explained that this was her dream reveal and it simply couldn't have gone any better. "I had a dream Russ did the gender reveal for me, just the two of us. He found out the gender, bought baby clothes, decorated our future nursery & surprised me! So that’s what we did! In the dream it was a little boy... turns out my dream is real life!"

Dickerson recently joined RADIO.COM for an exclusive FANDEMIC Instagram Live chat where he spoke about his and Kailey's upcoming, life-changing event as well as all of the power-washing and construction that comes along with it.

He also just dropped a brand new single from his forthcoming RD2 release while under quarantine, titled "Home Sweet." "It talks about my life right now, our life right now," he says. "I can’t wait, it's one of my favorites on the entire album."

"I cry every time I listen to it, so there’s that. That’s cool!"

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