Frontier Airlines passenger told he should be on no-fly list after complaining about a sick passenger


A flight attendant with Frontier Airlines reportedly told a passenger that he “should be on a no-fly list” after the man complained about another traveler who was coughing.

The male flight attendant, who was not identified, was filmed by the passenger who expressed concern. According to TMZ, that passenger shared the footage of the incident.

A passenger says he raised the issue to another flight attendant before the trip when watching the video.

“I told her, ‘Ma’am, this guy behind me is really coughing there, with a wet cough, sounds like he’s got a cold,’” he said, then asking the female flight attendant to move his seat.

If you listen closely, the flight attendant eventually cuts the passenger off.
“This is public transportation, sir. You can drive your car if it’s a problem. You can’t tell people to get off the plane if they’re… coughing or sneezing.”

The passenger explains that he asked the female attendant if she thought the man should be removed.

“How do you know he’s sick?” the male flight attendant said. “You ain’t no doctor.”
The man said that the female flight attendant told him that he should “be on the no-fly list.”

“You should be on the no-fly list. You really should be… because you’re gonna tell somebody to get kicked off for sneezing and coughing.”

This bizarre incident reportedly happened following a flight from Miami to Philadelphia.

Frontier Airlines told Fox News that the company is aware that this happened and is currently investigating footage from the flight. The airline declined to discuss its rules for customers who raise concerns about potentially sick passengers.

When stepping into a Frontier Airlines plane, attendants conduct temperature screenings for all passengers and crew. If anyone has a temperature of over 100.4, that traveler cannot fly.

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