Taylor Swift was replaced with Brad Paisley on famous Nashville mural, and her fans are not having it

From 'Evermore' to nevermore, well at least on the mural
Taylor Swift
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Everyone knows the saying actions speak louder than words, but if this Nashville landmark could speak, it basically would have just told Taylor Swift “you can’t sit with us.” Let us explain, currently undergoing an overhaul, the mural at Legends Corner, a bar next to the famed Ryman Auditorium in Music City no longer features Ms. Taylor Swift, and as you can imagine her fans are not happy about it.

After changes made by commissioned artists Tim Davis, Brad Paisley now sits in place of the “Evermore” singer/songwriter. Other country music stars who appear in the painting include Keith Urban, Reba McEntireDolly Parton, Blake Shelton, and Willie Nelson.

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As expected Taylor’s Swifties have come to the singer’s rescue insisting this is unfair to the artist who was awarded a rare Pinnacle Award at the 2013 CMAs.

Alongside before and after images of the mural, one fan tweeted, "Taylor Swift did not become the first woman to be awarded the Pinnacle Award and contributed so much to country music only to be replaced on a Nashville mural, utter disrespect."

While another wrote,"Taylor Swift, an artist who has the most awarded country album in history and 'has achieved both national and international prominence through at levels unique in country music,' is having her spot on the legends corner mural given to Brad Paisley and for what???”

Reaching out to USA Today, Davis confirmed that he is in fact "covering up Taylor and adding Brad Paisley.” Adding that, "ultimately, the changes are not up to me, but up to the owners of the Legends Corner bar. ... They have had the intention from the start to change it up once in a while, taking some artists off and adding others.”

Davis went on to say that there are plans to add three more country stars to the portrait, including one female artist already "sketched out between Dolly Parton and Garth Brooks,” however refused to share whom. Luckily we won’t have to wait long to catch a glimpse as the additions will take place throughout January as weather permits.

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