Wet Nose Wednesday-6.10.20

Moon & Star
By 98.5 KTK

Welcome to the 98.5 KTK Wet Nose Wednesday web page, where we show you adoptable pets from local shelters that will make a great addition to your family!

This week we’d like to introduce you to, Moon & Star.

Moon & Star

It’s no secret that black kittens are usually harder to place in adoptive homes than their siblings with flashy markings. Moon and Star are sisters from a litter that one of our cofounders recently bottle fed in her home, and hand-raised with along with help from her 4 year old. At just a few days old, this litter came from a colony, after it was discovered that their mother was not producing milk and unable to feed them. They have been lovingly fed and cared for over the past 6 weeks, and have had exposure to both kids and dogs, so they will be a great addition to any type of household, either together or separately. Star was the runt of the litter and received extra cuddles, so she is especially affectionate and loves to be held. Moon was always the biggest and best eater, and seemed to develop the fastest. She was a favorite with the child in her foster home and really enjoys playing with kids. These sweet, ebony sisters are a few weeks away from being old enough to get spayed and formally adopted, but our goal is to have loving adoptive homes lined up for them as soon as possible. Please help us find adopters for these special kittens- they deserve loving homes just as much as their flashier looking siblings, and their unique personalities are sure to bring you lots of joy! If you would like to find out about Moon and Star, please submit an application to learn more [CLICK HERE]. If you’d like to request more information, please email VOCAL [CLICK HERE] or call 352-289-0800.

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VOCAL is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has broken this mission down into 12 key steps to make Marion County a no-kill county. Some of these steps build upon one another, some can be worked in parallel, but all require contributions from people like you. Please consider a monetary donation, donation of needed items or becoming a volunteer.

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