More evidence that regular three day weekends is better for everyone

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There is something to be said about a three day weekend.  The extra day off gives us some breathing room for all the errands and chores usually reserved for our days off. Now further proof that not only a three day weekend may be good for you mentally, but a four day work week for those 40 and over might be more beneficial for workers and their employers. Researchers are looking into the cognitive effects of a 40 hour work week for those past the youth of life. An Australian study of 3000 male and 3500 female middle aged workers found that while up to 25 hours per week of work improved cognition function, anything more than this negatively affected the cognitive function of both male and female participants. While work can be great tool of mental exercise in keeping your mind sharp, this positive effect can be outshone by the "...mental and physical stress associated with long labor hours". The study concluded the optimum hours of work per week for those over 40 is 25 hours per week, which is just over three 8-hour days. While three days to work may not make financial sense for workers and employers, switching to a three day weekend, as done in The Netherlands may be the middle ground.  Having that extra day off, that does not reduce worker income, not only improved productivity in The Netherlands but improved work/life balance and less absenteeism.

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