What To Know About 5G Coverage In The Heart Of Florida

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Apple unveiled the iPhone 12 this week, which are 5G-ready, joining 5G models from Samsung that were released last year.  5G, of fifth generation technology standard for broadband cellular network, is getting alot of attention.  Considering 5G transfers data 20 times faster than 4G, this improved speeds means faster downloads, higher quality streaming, responsive gaming and more. However phone carriers are not quite ready for 5G. Most of the major carries have already released the next generation cellular technology in certain areas, but much of the quality depends on a user's location and most of the systems are still 'under construction' - and it could take five to seven years to perfect. While 5G devices can transfer 20 gigabytes of data per second, the average download speeds are MORE LIKE 60Mbps for AT&T, 49Mbps with T-Mobile and Sprint and Verizon claims to offer 494 Mbps, according to OpenSignal, an analytics firm. By comparison, the average download speed on the 4G network is 20mps, so 5G is faster but by not much. For now, 5G is more hype and spotty.  AT&T offers the most 5G coverage in our area with Verizon 5G coverage in Marion County mostly missing and very spotty T-Mobile/Sprint coverage. And of course you'll pay extra for 5G, with carrier rates from $60 to $90 per month for the first line, you may want to wait a while making the move to 5G. However if it’s time to get a new phone, you might as well go for the model with the 5G option, so you will be ready to go once the carrier perfect the new technology. You can pre-order for iPhone 12 Pro models as of Friday (10/16/20) with delivery starting October 23rd.  For the iPhone 12 Pro Max, pre-orders begin November 6th with delivery starting November 13th. 

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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