Americans Are Wasteful With Food

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We are wasteful when it comes to food and the healthier we eat, the more wasteful we become.  New data shows that the value of wasted food in the country is about $240 billion annually, which is $1,866, or 30% to 40% per household. That's a lot of food.  Sadly as we eat healthier we tend to toss out more food because we purchase more perishable fruits and vegetables than the average person.  It's not only the wasted food but the wasted resources used to produce the uneaten food, including land, energy, water and labor. Data also showed the higher the income of a household, the more food is wasted. Households that showed lower levels of food waste were those with greater food insecurity, such as those who used government programs to purchase groceries. Also smaller households are leading to more waste.  While a two-person household may not eat an entire head of lettuce before it spoils while a larger family would be able to consume it all. Among other households with lower levels of waste are those who use a shopping list when visiting the supermarket and those who must travel farther to reach their primary grocery store. 

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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