Apple May Be Forced To Switch Phone Chargers to USB-C Port

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Photo credit © Anthony Behar-Sipa USA
By 98.5 KTK

Not too long ago, Apple changed the charging cable for its mobile devices to the discontent of its customers.  Well it appears that Apple may have to change its charging cables again. Apple changed to its current lightening cable from the 30-pin connector in 2012, making many charging devices obsolete.  Now lawmakers in the European Union (EU) are considering whether or not to force tech companies to adopt a ‘common charger’ for all mobile phones and if passed, Apple will have to switch to the USB-C port used by most other phone companies as well as its own Mac lineup. USB-C charges devices faster as well as allows data to transfer much quicker than the USB connections we have used in the past. Although the specifications for USB-C were first published in 2014, Apple continues to rely on its own proprietary Lightening port for its phones and although the EU's ultimate decision would not affect markets elsewhere in t3he world, it would not be efficient for Apple to make two sets of iPhones and iPads to sell in separate markets.  Apple is also pushing back stating that the change would cause 51,000 tons of electronic waste annually due to the mandated change.  The EU is set to be voted on at a future session and although there are rumors the new iPhone and iPad models for this year will be produced with the USB-C port, insiders say that is not on the cards currently for Apple.


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