The Apps The Security Experts Wouldn't Install On Their Own Devices

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Our phones have become our lifelines and with news of compromised safety of certain apps we have installed on our devices, such as allegations against TikTok, it may be time to review which apps you have on your phone and look at them with cyber safety in mind.  Cyber security experts say that AI technology pose security risks due to their constant listening tools, but Google Assistant is the diciest. Skip over enabling this feature or disable it if you are currently using it. The free text and voice messaging app, WhatsApp is popular in that you can make free international calls over Wi-Fi and works on just about any type of phone or browser. However it has had some major security breaches with phishing texts and phone calls, that even though were ignored, still installed spyware. Facebook Messenger is also popular but is also a security risk mainly because it access your text messages, photos, contacts, and camera without permission. Other apps you should delete are those no longer supported. If the developers are not still supporting it, that means they’re not closing any security loopholes that have been discovered since the app’s creation. Finally remove any app you did not download directly from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. They require safeguards to protect your device, so if you bypass the stores you ae definitely at risk of having your device hacked.

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