Best Workout Apps Until Gyms Reopen

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While many businesses are opening back up, gyms are not on the list. But all is not lost and in fact there are plenty of workout apps that can help you stay focused on fitness. But with so many, which one is the best for you? First, you should determine what kind of exercises you want to do. Are you into strength training? Is yoga more your thing? Or do you want a fitness plan that focuses on cardio? You'll also need to figure out what your goals are, whether it's weight loss, muscle toning, or something else.  If weight loss is you goal, The Beachbody app is ranked best. With more than 40 workout plans, thousands of individual workout and they all come with meal plans.  The first two weeks are free with a 3-month plan costing $40. If you'd benefit from a personal trainer, the Find Your Trainer app will match you with a virtual trainer who will work no your goals. Answers to a quiz will provide you a list of personal trainer choices. A four-session plan will cost you $30. For yoga, Bulldog Yoga Online teaches this ancient Indian techniques in laymen’s terms and sets sessions to fun playlists. It's $13 a month with the first month free. Finally, if you miss the traditional gym, Tonal may be for you.  It's an ideal in-home solution for people who want the benefits of going to the gym and using different equipment and it is compact. However it is expensive costing over $3,000 for the equipment and $50 a month for virtual training.

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