Broom And Dust Pan Hacks For Easier Sweeping

broom, dust pan and bucket
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There are few cleaning tools more frustrating than the broom-and-dustpan duo. The schmutz that hangs onto the broom’s bristles! That line of debris that just will not make its way from the floor into the dustpan! Grrrr! The good news is that there are easy hacks for both of those problems. Use a wide-toothed comb to clean out your broom. If you’re not exactly ecstatic about running your fingers through the bristles to get stubborn dust bunnies out.  Just use it to brush out the bristles while standing over a trash can. You can also hot glue a basic comb to the top of your dustpan just below the handle: Then, run the bristles through the comb and they’ll fall right into the dustpan. Add a zip tie to the handle and make a loop for easy storage which you can slide over a hook. You know that last line of dust that’s impossible to push into the dustpan? By sticking some masking or duct tape to the edge of the pan and the floor, you can decrease the gap between the two, making it much easier to corral every last bit. Also, before you throw out the tape, you can use the sticky side to grab any little flecks or pieces that had insisted on staying behind. Put a tennis ball on the end of your broom handle as it is a great scuff marker eraser! Instead of getting down on your hands and knees, cut an “X” into the ball and squeeze it onto the end of your broom handle to create one super-powered sweeper. If you’re sweeping up little dust bunnies or hair balls, you may notice that they like to jump out of the dustpan on the way to the trash can. To help keep these things in the pan, just run it under the faucet a little before you sweep. The water will help stick those lightweight flight risks in the pan.

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