The Cheapest Weekends To Travel In 2020

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Weekend trips are fun, but they can also wind up being pretty expensive. Hotwire recently took a look at historical booking data for hotels to determine when the most affordable weekends are to travel in 2020, and released a list of the most affordable weekends. What is incredible about these numbers are many weekends include a holiday! As for the predictions, January 31st through February 2nd will be the cheapest weekend for January.  February 8th through March 1st will be cheap for February.  The list includes every month of the year and predicts Mother's Day and Father's Day weekends will be a low price weekend for hotel accommodations. July 3-5 for the Independence Day holiday and even Labor Day weekend will be cheap! As for the holidays, November 27-29, over Thanksgiving, will be cheap and December 18th through the 20 will be the cheapest for Christmas. Just remember, these are predictions based on historical data, which means it may not hold up if you choose these dates. 

Here’s its list of predictions for the cheapest weekends to travel:

•January 31 - February 2 (Groundhog Day)

•February 28 - March 1 (Leap Day)

•April 10-12

•May 8-10 (Mother’s Day)

•June 19-21 (Father’s Day)

•July 3-5 (Fourth of July)

•August 21-23

•September 4-6 (Labor Day)

•October 30 - November 1 (Halloween)

•November 27-29 (Thanksgiving)

•December 18-20

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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