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Robocalls are getting worse and it seems there is very little that can be done to prevent them. However, there’s now a way to get back at the companies who torment you with endless robocalls that ask you for your information or try to sell you stuff. The solution is called Robo Revenge, a service that lets you sue the unwanted caller for up to $3,000 per call. It is the latest service offered by DoNotPay, a robot lawyer app that lets consumers do things like appeal parking tickets, cancel services or subscriptions or schedule appointments at government offices, among others. It works by automatically adding your phone number to the Do Not Call Registry, a list managed by the Federal Trade Commission that aims to prevent people from receiving unwanted sales calls. Then, it gives you a virtual DoNotPay burner credit card (issued in DoNotPay’s name) to provide when you receive robocalls. Robo Revenge uses this transaction information to get the robocaller’s contact information and then guides you through the process to sue them. You can sue the unwanted caller for up to $3,000 under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, a law that protects consumers who have indicated that they don’t want to be bothered endlessly and are on the Do Not Call Registry. Robo Revenge automatically generates demand letters and court documents to help users with their claim. Although this seems like a great way to get some cash to ease your suffering, it should be noted that this won’t keep away all scammers. Robo Revenge can’t help you with international scammers, says Browder, because they’re based abroad and you don’t know where they are. It does work on U.S. companies trying to bug you, though.

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