The Refrigerator is Killing Your Cucumbers

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By 98.5 KTK

Here is a strange situation.  When shopping for cucumbers, most of the time you will find them in the refrigerated produce section, along with lettuce, celery and carrots.  Get ready to have your mind blown because keeping cucumbers in the refrigerator actually causes them to spoil faster! Apparently cucumbers can suffer from ‘cold injuries’ if they’re stored in a temperature setting of 50°F or below. Considering the recommended temperature setting of a refrigerator is 40°F, the cold is killing your cucumbers! If they stay in the fridge for too long (generally any longer than three days) you may start to see pitting on the outside, and they may lose their crunch and flavor, going somewhat soggy. So, to make your cucumbers last longer, store them somewhere at room temperature. But who wants a room temperature cucumber? If you do want to keep your cucumbers cool in the fridge, do not keep them in there longer than three days and keep them away from ethylene-producing fruit and veggies such as bananas, tomatoes and melons. Otherwise, they can transfer the gas to your cucumbers and make them spoil faster. 


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