Avoid These Disinfectant Wipe Mistakes

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Disinfecting wipes are a great way to keep your home germ free, but if you are using them the wrong way, you could be sabotaging your cleaning process. It may seem less wasteful, not to mention easier, to use a single wipe on several different things. Cleaning the countertops, door handles and light switches with one wipe is a no-no! Using the same wipe for multiple surfaces can spread germs and dirt from one space to another. Not to mention, a single antibacterial wipe likely doesn't have enough power to effectively clean several different surfaces. Disinfectant wipes can damage wooden surfaces; there are no two ways to say it. The porous wood can absorb the liquid from the wipes, damaging it. Removing dirt from surfaces should be a different process than disinfecting with wipes. This might sound strange at first since cleaning is its entire purpose but if you use it on a space that's actively dirty, you could just end up pushing the dirt around. Instead, remove the visible dirt and grime with one wipe (or just soap and water), then grab a second wipe to disinfect.

SOURCE: Reader's Digest

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