How To Handle Distance Learning Burnout

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Distance learning, sometimes called remote learning, is part of the new normal of coronavirus.  Along with these new normal come new problems, such as remote leaning burnout. Just like for adults, kids can develop a lack of motivation or energy due to stress or exhaustion. It can be characterized by low morale, anger, irritability, anxiety, lack of focus, and trouble problem solving. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome remote learning burnout. Many parents are already taxed from a spring of online learning. But try to demonstrate a positive attitude, even when it's difficult as your kids take cues from you.  To help them focus on the positive aspects of remote school, ask them what they learned and found interesting after each school day (if you have the time and energy). You should also remind your kid that the situation is temporary and they don't need to be perfect at online school. Decorate their work space to make it more engaging. This doesn't have to cost extra money. For example, you can place your kid's favorite photos, artwork, or Post-it notes with encouraging messages on their desk. Just make sure the additions aren't distracting. To that end, remove distractions like toys from the child's school work area. If you've tried to make the situation better for your kid yet they still complain about remote learning, don't force them to like it. Instead, recognize their feelings to help them validate their stress. You can say something like "I see how hard this is on you. Let's think of solutions to make it easier. Ultimately, remember that your relationship with your child is also important. While you want your child to learn, you don't want them to blame you for having to log on, thus damaging your relationship. You also want to protect your own mental health. If you're having constant fights over logging on, try seeking outside help by talking to your kid's teacher about ways to make the experience more bearable (more on that later).

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