DIY: Giant Halloween Spider Decorations

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Halloween is just over a month away and it's the beginning of the outdoor decorating season. While many homes will be displaying giant blow-ups of pumpkins and witches in their front yard, a simple DIY project can make your Halloween home decor stand out by making your own giant spiders. This fun family project is as simple as a trip to the craft store. All you need are two different sizes of foam balls, black foam tubes, faux fur, scissors, stem wire, a saw or knife and a glue gun.  Start by slicing the foam balls in half (one bigger than the other) and glue them together to make the spider's body.  Then cut out the pattern along the faux fur and glue that to the spider's body.  Then take eight strands of the stem wire and straighten out. Stick them in the pattern of a spider's leg into the faux fur-covered foam balls and glue them in place.  Now cut the black foam tubes in equal lengths to make the legs and insert them over the stem wire and bend the end to hold the tube in place.  Then bend the tube legs near the middle and you’ve got a great yard decoration.  Size up the foam balls and faux fur to make super-size spiders that can crawl up the side of your house and make this Halloween a little more exciting.

SOURCE: Better Homes& Gardens

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