Avoid These Mistakes When Returning To A Restaurant During Pandemic

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Everything has changed because of the pandemic and as we get use to the "new normal," it's important we do not fall back into our old habits; especially when dining at a restaurant. As we finally get to see old friends and family face-to-face, heading to a restaurant to catch up sounds like a great idea. But you need to make sure you are following some new guidelines to keep yourself and your family safe. While most restaurants will follow the same guidelines, specific restaurants may have certain parameters in place that you, as a guest, should respect and follow. If the restaurant wants to take your temperature or requires you to use hand sanitizer upon entry, allow this to happen. As scientist learn more about CVOVID-19 each day, data on how to slow its spread changes too. So make sure to arrive at your favorite restaurant wearing a mask. Having a conversation while waiting for your food is easy with a mask.  When your food arrives, simply take it off and eat. When it comes to eating, avoid using your hands. We inadvertently touch so many things at a restaurant, such as menus, glasses, silverware, condiment containers and such and if you happen to touch an item that is contaminated, bringing your hands to your face increases your risk of acquiring infection.  Opening up your wallet and paying the bill with cash might seem second-nature, but in a pandemic, it's important to limit the spread of germs and pay with card to minimize contact. Besides paying with plastic, use your own pen to sign the check for added safety. And if you need to use the restroom, avoid flushing the toilet with your foot.  Chances are your hands are dirty just getting into the room. Using your foot to depress the flush handle only assists in transferring fecal matter and urine from the floor to the handle. Instead, use toilet tissue to push the toilet handle, wash your hands with soap and water, and use a paper towel to hold the door on your way out.

SOURCE: Reader's Digest

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