Conserve Energy Without Altering Your Lifestyle

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Warmer temperatures and now the cvhance you'll haev to work from home for a couple of weeks means your energy bill will be going up.  So combat the run on your cash with some tips on reducing your energy bill without sacrificing your lifestyle.  Your washer and dryer are not only using energy but they add heat that your A/C is trying to cool down. Consider doing laundry outside peak hours.  GRU's peak power hours are M-F 6am to 10PM while Ocala Electric Utility offers a "Beat The Peak" program where reductions in wholesale power costs are passed through to the customers in the Power Cost Adjustment (PCA). Consider doing your laundry outside peak hours, which are generally in the cooler evenings. Most washers and dryers use the same amount of energy with apartial load as they woudl ina full, so make sure you are filling them up before starting them. Teh sameis true for the dishwasher. Dishwashers require some heat to do a good job, but yours might be set to a higher temperature than needed. Most dishwashers automatically are set to between 140-145° Fahrenheit, but it only really needs to get up to 120° Fahrenheit. It’ll get the job done, but won’t use as much energy to heat the water. As for your biggest energy user, your air conditioning system may be using a lot more energy because of your ducts.  It may be worth hiring a professional to inspect your home's ductwork to make suer it is not leaking cool air into your attic and that it is insulated properly.

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