New Food Label Information Debuts This Month

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By 98.5 KTK

At the start of the New Year, look for some changes to food labels. Mandated by the Food and Drug Administration, enhancements are making their debut this month (January 2020), all in an effort for you to be better informed with your choices of food. Probably the most relevant change is a more realistic and prominent serving size. For packages that hold between one and two servings, the nutrition information must now be presented for the entire package. If the package holds between two and three servings but they could be eaten in one sitting—such as a pint of ice cream—the label must show nutrition info for one serving and the whole package. On the label, vitamins A and C have now been replaced with vitamin D and potassium, because Americans don’t get enough of these. And look for more detailed information about sugar. Now you will be able to see both naturally-occurring sugars as well as added sugar in the processing. Other changes include a bigger and bolder calorie count at the top and a better explanation of daily value percentages at the bottom. The new text explains the daily value percentage as it pertains to meeting nutrient need according to the advisement of a 2,000 calorie diet. Emphasis previously was placed on the issue of caloric consumption based upon one’s personal needs.

SOURCE: Consumer Reports

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