FICO Now Rates Your Ability To Repay Credit On Current Economic Conditions

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Getting approved for credit may be a bit tougher thanks to a new FICO score feature rolled out this week. The Resiliency Index, a new way to rate borrowers’ ability to weather a recession or other economic volatility. In short, the score looks at economic conditions to predict whether a borrower is able to repay credit and loans.  For example, people with a 680 credit score have a delinquency rate of roughly 4.4% in a good economy.  That number jumps to 13.3% in a recession climate. The scale ranks you from 1 to 99, based on metrics such as the number of credit inquiries and active accounts, credit balances and years of experience managing credit. FICO says that people with credit scores over 740 are unlikely to receive poor resiliency scores, while a third of people with scores from 600-620 qualify as “least resilient.” There’s no current way to find out your own Resiliency Index score.

SOURCE: Fast Company

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