The Five Worst Smells And How To Get Rid Of Them

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The nose knows!  Out of all of our senses, smell is the most powerful. And while a good smell can rekindle a pleasant memory of the past, it can make you cringe when you smell something bad.  For all of the scents we smell, Google trends has pinpointed the five worst smells of all time. And because we want to rid our nostrils of those bad smells, we'll go over how to eliminate them. One of the most effective weapons of nature is a skunk's spray. The common approach is to bathe you (or your dog) in tomato juice.  However it only masks the scent and doesn't get rid of it. For that soap; and water will do.  But you'll need to repeat it for quite a while and while outside. Because of the chemical contents of the skunk spray, it bonds with just about anything and can be difficult to remove, which is why you may just want to trash you clothes if you'd been sprayed. Speaking of clothes, mold and mildew are pungent scents and searching the internet will result all sorts of recommendations to rid it. But most likely the culprit will be your washing machine.  Run the cleaning cycle as recommended and if possible add half a cup of bleach. If your washing machine is innocent, use a product with sodium hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide (like Clorox 2) or to treat fabrics. Cigarette smoke can usually be cleaned with a wash. But for tough odors, your clothes to air dry outdoors so that the sun can kill some of it. Add 1/2 cup of baking soda to your wash. Clean everything if the cigarette smoke is inside (down to light bulbs and inside cabinets). However, never put clothing with spilled gasoline in the wash. Let them dry outside.  Then use mix equal parts baking soda, white vinegar and hot water. Finally pet urine is a vulgar smell thanks to uric acid, which isn’t just insoluble in water, but also tends to stick to porous surfaces like the fibers in your carpet. Use a cleaning product specially formulated to fight off pet pee. They use specific enzymes and proteins to break down the uric acid. Know also that uric acid is much more concentrate din cat urine than dog, so you’ll need to use more cleaner for a cat.

SOURCE: Popular Science

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