Florida Woman Kisses Strangers At Bar And Reports Bar Isn't Practicing Social Distancing

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2020 is turning out to be a banner year for Florida woman!  Even in the age of coronavirus and social distancing, Audra Adams was arrested after going up to random strangers in a bar and trying to kiss them and then calling 911 five times to complain about a lack of social distancing. The Monkey Bar and Grille in Melbourne is currently serving food and drinks after reopening up to 50% capacity, the 32-year old allegedly went up to random strangers and attempted to kiss them. After customers complained, the bar's owner asked her to leave the premises but Audra refused and began to argue with the owner. Eventually she moved to the parking lot and stood her ground even after she was told about the trespassing warning, telling officers, “I’ll sit in the parking lot all night.” Melbourne Police officers were already on the scene when Audra called 911 for the fourth time and her fifth call was made while the officers were talking to her! When asked about why she called 911 so many times, Adams said the bar was not following health guidelines intended to stop the spread of coronavirus. She was arrested on charges of trespassing after warning, disorderly conduct, resisting an officer without violence and misuse of a 911 system.

SOURCE: ClickOrlando

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