Chefs Unveil What They Avoid When Eating Outside Their Restaurant

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Have you ever wondered what a Chef makes for themselves when they are at home?  Or perhaps what Chef would order at a restaurant?  Now some Chefs unveil some of the secrets of commercial kitchens.  For one, skip the special of the day.  The reason is probably more economic than culinary. Some restaurants put together their specials for the day based on what's about to expire or what they're trying to get rid of faster. So if you're looking for some menu advice from your server, ask for a recommendation that is made with local ingredients.  Speaking of ingredients, one Chef says if you love fresh food, size the menu first.  Restaurants with large menus tens to have a large inventory of food, in which much of it is kept frozen.  If the menu is more than two pages, it is unlikely you will be consuming anything fresh.  Finally, avoid the chicken.  Many chefs stay away from this poultry as it tends to always be overcooked and inflated in price.

SOURCE: Reader's Digest

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