Line Of Football Theme Scented Candles Aim To Take You To The Stadium In Your Mind

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Football season is back, but during a pandemic it isn't quite the traditional fall favorite pastime as before.  As stadiums reduce or eliminate fans from attending (Ben Hill griffin Stadium to only be at 20% capacity this season), can leave you less than excited.  But there are creative people making the best of the situation, including a line of football stadium-themed candles.  BABE wine has teamed up with the personalization company Ryan Porter by producing the "Go Sports" candle collection.  Three scents that will transport you to the game in your mind.  If what you miss most is the concession stand, light up the "$18 Nachos" Candle to get a fresh reminder of what overpriced but delicious processes cheese tastes like. There’s also the sweet smelling "Hashtag Field Goals" candle, which smells of freshly cut grass as if you’re actually at the stadium. Lastly, there’s the "Jockstrap" Candle, which has notes that resemble a musky deodorant, like Brut or Old Spice. Each candle costs $29, or you can get the bundle of three for $69 online the BABE website.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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