The Frost Moon and Eclipse Set For Early Monday Morning

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By 98.5 KTK

Every month you get a chance to view a full moon, but it's not every month you and witness an eclipse on a full moon.  Monday morning the full Frost Moon (also commonly known as the Beaver Moon) will reveal itself in the night sky. The only full moon in November be visible late Sunday night into Monday (11/30). But around 4:43am ET, a partial penumbral eclipse will follow. An eclipse occurs when there’s a full moon and the sun, earth, and moon line up, resulting in the earth’s shadow falling on the moon’s face. A partial penumbral eclipse is when the outer shadow of earth covers only a fraction of the moon, as the name suggests, so this month’s eclipse is expected to be dim to the naked eye. However, it is visible, and North America is expected to have the best chance of seeing the dark shading on the moon’s surface. So mark your calendars, get your binoculars ready, and prepare for a chilly moon-gazing occasion.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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