Gucci Selling Grass-Stained Pants For $750

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Photo credit © Pavel Losevsky | Dreamstime
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Gucci has released its autumn/winter collection that includes organic denim pants that appear to have grass stains around the knee area. The jeans that look as if they've been seen better days before they've even been purchased, have faded brown spots in addition to bizarre green stains. The $750 pair of pants are part of the collection’s grunge vibe the return to the wider legs of the 1990s and are crafted from organic cotton specifically treated for a stained-like, distressed effect. You can pair these grass-stained pants with Gucci's $870 sneaker that had been given a specific effect to create the appearance that they were old with the brand claiming they had been influenced by Seventies fashion. While distressed clothing, such as ripped jeans, have been a hit on the fashion scene. Stained and dirty clothing have not. Three years ago Nordstrom began to sell mud-stained jeans for $425. 

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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