Practice These Habits For A Healthy Immune System

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It is said the best defense is a strong offense. So if you're not already practicing these easy ways to boost immunity naturally, start adding them to your day to reap all the health benefits. Make sure you are getting enough sleep.  It can be easy to stay up and binge-watch TV when you don't have to get dressed and commute to work.  However when we are sleep deprived, our body is more susceptible to infections. Though access to fresh foods isn’t limited, many people tend to stock up on non-perishable items like rice, beans, and pasta during a crisis situation. However, many veggies and fruits are the sources of vitamins we need to give our body a defense system. If your diet is lacking these, a multivitamin may be needed to boost your immune system. Especially during stress, booster vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin B complex, and minerals like Zinc are particularly important for your body to fight viruses and bacteria. Take regular, hot showers. And by hot, it must be warm enough to create steam. The steam will make you sweat and sweat contains antimicrobial peptides that are effective against viruses. Believe it or not, 70% of our immune function is in our gut. That means eating food could be the most helpful (or dangerous) thing we do for our health as out digestive system handles more toxins and pathogens than any other organ system in our body. Zinc and fiber are key here. The higher fiber food you eat, the more beneficial bacteria you will have in your gut. Options like broccoli, avocado, bananas, sweet potatoes, and almonds are all great additions to your plate. Studies have shown people who are zinc-deficient are more likely to get sick with a respiratory illness than those who are not Some examples of zinc-filled foods include shellfish, legumes, seeds, nuts, mushrooms, and many meats (especially red meat, but also lamb and pork) and seafood (such as oysters, crab, and lobster).

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