Hide Away The Excess Christmas Gifts For Your Toddler

toddler room with toys
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By 98.5 KTK
You decided not to go overboard on gifts with your toddler this year. To your dismay, your family, friends and Santa himself didn't follow suit. Now your toddler's room is swimming in a sea of stuff. The good news is that you can pull some of that stuff away and give it back to them much later. While Christmas is a wonderful time to make memories, for toddlers, it was a blur of overstimulation.  They really enjoyed ripping the wrapping paper and there was that one toy they immediately wanted out of the packaging and which held their attention more than anything else. Find a few more of those toys and pack up the rest for a re-gift later in the year.  By hoarding them for when you could really use something new, such as a rainy day or in the middle of a road trip can itself be as magical as Christmas, just without the financial burden!

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