Graduating High School In The Age Of Coronavirus

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High school seniors will be finishing up their final classes, submitting the last of their assignments and taking their end-of-school-year exams this month. Their long journey toward graduation is about to conclude, and they probably won’t get to walk across the stage, shake a bunch of hands or toss their hats into the air with all their classmates. But they do still deserve a celebration—and that, they can still have. While some school districts are still determining if they will hold graduation ceremonies, many have cut back the celebrations with limited attendance, no handshakes and other procedures to keep everyone safe. Regardless, it will not be the traditional, memory-making event they have worked hard to achieve. You might not get all the pictures you normally would with their arms around their closest friends, but you should at least get some nice portraits of them in their cap and gown. Take them outside for the best lighting and background—maybe even drive up to the high school to get pictures of them next to the school sign or in front of the building. Snap away as they toss their cap in the air. It’s not the same, but these are pictures you—and they—will want to have of this milestone. Invite friends and family to gather separately in their cars for a drive-by graduation parade. They can hold balloons out the car windows, decorate their cars with streamers or just yell and honk a lot as they go by. Remember to go all out in decorating your home for graduation. Get streamers, balloons and lawn signs, in school colors, and decorate your home (inside and out) as well as their car.  Then go a celebratory drive through town and remember to embarrass them, Mom and Dad.  After all, these are the memories we cherish the most!  

Alachua County Public Schools have not yet made any decisions about this year’s graduation ceremonies. However they are working with CBS4 to make 30 minute videos on each graduating class. If you are interested in your student participating in Operation Graduation , you need to complete some paperwork. Get the information here

Marion County Public Schools will be holding physical graduation ceremonies, however there are many restrictions and changes.  You can read up on them by clicking here

Levy County Public Schools are planning physical graduation ceremonies at each of its high schools and are leaving it up to each school to determine how to host it. 

Gilchrist County Public Schools are planning to host graduation ceremonies but no information currently on any COVID-19 changes.

SOURCE: Offspring

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